Garden Supply FAQ

Q: What if my plant is not hanging straight?

A: A common occurrence when growing plants in multiple areas and side of a single pot is that one size can get a bit heavier than the other and cause the pot not to hang straight. Simply put a few pebbles in the light side and enjoy a straight container instantly~

Q: How many layers tall can I stack the pots?

A: Up to nine layers high free-standing and up to five pots per chain.

Q: What can I do to ensure ample sunlight all around my hanging pots?

A: Our new chains include a simple swivel hook. Every week when you water, simply give the pots a spin to balance the sunlight. You will find your plants grow evenly with rotation.

Q: Can you secure these pots stacked high in a landscape environment or right next to the patio?

A: Yes, by placing a steel rod through the center of the pots, even inserting it through the tray into the ground about 6 inches will protect your tower from both children and pets!