Our Company

Nature’s Distributing Stacking Planters have been around since 2000. We were the first to design the stacking planters and lead the forefront of the revolutionary vertical gardening with her pot designs.

Nature’s Distributing planters are the only self watering planters that can be recognized “As Seen On TV” and have been sold on QVC as well as Home Shopping Network.

Nature’s Distributing brand has evolved over the years, and much was invested into research and development to improve and expand the already popular self watering stacking planters.

In 2010, Nature’s Distributing continues with the growth of our Self Watering Stacking Planters line.

Nature’s Distributing is dedicated to the same principles of producing quality gardening supplies and developing innovative and exciting new products.

Nature’s Distributing has improved the original self watering stacking planter so that water flows throughout the entire stack of pots, and is excited to share this improvement with all.

We welcome you to try our newly designed planters for yourself! We stand behind our beliefs of constant innovation and our standards of producing only high quality gardening products that serve a unique and useful function.

For more information contact us at 888-987-GROW.