Container Gardening ABCs

Garden Supply Stacking Planters Fact Sheet

Dos and Don’t of Container Gardening

Container gardening has many advantages as more than 23 million people in this country have found out. While one reason that containers are a perfect way to garden for anyone with limited space such as apartments, condos, patios and balconies.

It’s also less time-consuming and more efficient to maintain. In areas of poor or sandy soil, it is sometimes the only hope for individuals to have a garden. Plants can be grouped for color, fragrance and entire ―gardens‖ can be moved from outdoors in, or indoors out.

Pots can be rotated to show the best blooms and gardens can even be planted within a garden.

Nature’s Distributing suggests this for successful gardening in containers:

    • Although by definition any type of container can be used, look for one that has good drainage. Be sure there is at least one hole in the container before adding soil. Some gravel in the bottom of the pot allows large containers to drain while adding stability. Be sure to keep a saucer underneath to catch excess water.
    • A self-watering option is an excellent choice as it helps keep a continuous flow of water to the plant roots and eliminates the need for constant watering or the use of gravel. Natures Distributing Self-Watering Stacking Planters are an excellent choice and come in a variety of sizes, styles and colors.
    • Use a good soil mix, one that is not too heavy and easy to work. Be sure to fill it up to an inch from the rim. There will be some settling. Natures Distributing prefers a soil with moisture retention crystals in any container garden as it also helps aid in the prevention of soil drying so quickly.
    • Keep tabs on the temperature. Plants in containers can freeze or overheat more quickly
      than bedded plants.

Keep them looking healthy by pruning them, pinching and deadheading regularly. Pinching back container plants will also help keep them from being too leggy.

  • Be sure the containers are in a location that receives enough light and rotate them frequently.
  • Feed your pots with liquid fertilizer. Slow release or liquid soluble are best.
  • If you wish to go away for a short period of time, water all your containers well and place under a shade tree. The lack of sun for the short period of time will definitely not hurt your plants and they will be less likely to dry out while you are away.
  • Container gardening is very simple, yet very striking ―you can do just about everything in pots that you do in a garden bed and more.
  • We developed the new patented watering grid in Natures Distributing Self-Watering Stacking Planters that wicks water to the roots of the plants in each tier and allows more time in between watering while still keeping the plants healthy.