Handy Hints

Garden Supply Handy Hints

Hints on how to better use and enjoy your Natures Distributing Stacking Planters:

  • A more even moisture retention can be achieved by either using a high quality soil with built-in moisture retention crystals or by mixing a teaspoon of the crystals (found at most nurseries or garden centers) into your potting mix.
  • When mixing plants in your arrangement, be careful to select plants that all like the same growing method: Sunny, Shady, Dry or Moisture Loving Plants.
  • To avoid salt build-up in your pot, use a balanced plant food without nitrates. These are great for your yard, but don’t belong in your flowerpots.
  • If you water with hard water and notice a lime build-up, use a product such as Lime Away to clean your pots at the end of the season. It will restore them to their original charm.
  • If you wish to plant a tall tower up to nine tiers high for herbs, strawberry fields or if you just want to make a dramatic statement in your landscape, the use of a metal dowel placed through the pots into the soil will secure them against heavy winds, children and pets.