Choosing the Right Planter

Garden Supply Choosing the Right Planter

Be it flowers, vegetables, ornamental grasses or a combination, choosing the right pot is important to the health of your container garden. To choose the best one for your use, consider:

The type of material

  • Clay, wood, plastic, and concrete These are used outdoors, sometimes for permanent displays.
  • Heavy-duty polypropylene with UV inhibitors to resist fading and cracking offers durability, design and not a lot of extra weight, which makes it perfect for hanging.
  • Ceramic and metal Primarily for indoor uses.
  • Self-watering models Like Natures Distributing Self-Watering Stacking Planters, these planters are designed with special patented grids that redirect the water to a reservoir where soil plugs wick the water to the plant roots. This type of pot can reduce the frequency of watering.
  • Hanging baskets Often made from the same material and sometimes wire. These tend especially tend to dry out quickly and need to be watered frequently.
  • Drainage Be sure the pot you select has drainage holes. If it does not, you’ll need to add them. Newspaper can be used to prevent soil loss. With drainage holes you also need a saucer to catch and hold any excess water.
  • Space Choose a planter that has planting spaces large enough to allow for root growth.
  • Color When selecting a pot for outside use, look for planter colors that complement your landscaping and the exterior of your home.
  • Mobility With large containers, try to choose a planter that has a tray with wheels. It’s easier on both your back and your movable garden.