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Garden Supply Stacking Planter Testimonials

Customer product ratings & testimonials for 12″ Self Watering Stacking Planters

Overall Great Product
Mrs. Waz Stack and Grow Self, October 4 2008
Watering Strawberry Planter, Stone

First off let me say the price I got on this planter made me give it a try.

I grew strawberries in them and strawberries grew healthy and I harvested many strawberries. Next year I plan on buying more and trying to grow lettuce. Great planters!

Love the Garden Stackers
Christy Lonergan Kansas City, MO April 19, 2009
Garden Stackers

I purchased three mini garden stackers and love them! Two have strawberries growing in them, and the other has herbs. They are heavy when full so if hanging, you need something sturdy to hang it from. Pleasantly surprised at the quality.

Great Gardening Gift Idea For A Gardener
L. Biggs “HerpGirl” Chicago IL January 9, 2010
Mini-Garden Stacker, Stackable/Hangable All Season Planter & Indoor/Outdoor Stacking Flower Pot
Color: Tuscany (Kitchen)

I bought this for my mom for Christmas and I wasn’t sure how it would look. I was a little worried it would look cheap. However, it looks very nice and can easily be an indoor planter or an outdoor planter. The stackable levels are very nice and it was perfect for her house that doesn’t have a ton of space.

Easy Grow Strawberries
G. L. East “Easthaven” Stack and Grow Self, Kentucky July 3, 2010
Watering Strawberry Planter, Stone

We found our strawberry planter simple to assemble, plant and water. It’s now full of blossoms and we are anxiously awaiting our first strawberry.

Great New Design
Dennis Unites July 4, 2010
Mini-Garden Stacker, Stackable/Hangable All Season Planter & Indoor/Outdoor Stacking Flower Pot

Having just moved from the ex-urbs to the suburbs my gardening is getting much more space limited. As such I was looking for a classic terracotta strawberry pot to plant strawberries on my patio. I stumbled across this on the net and it was a superb alternative. It has the terracotta look and it’s lighter and more efficient. I’ll probably buy more in the spring and think about switching my single pot herb gardens to these. If you are considering using them as hangers, I’d definitely think about a light soil mix as the mass with a heavier mix is pretty high.