Stacking Planters Fact Sheet

Garden Supply Stacking Planters Fact Sheet

About Natures Distributing Stacking Planters

  • Container gardening is the number one form of gardening in the U.S. The reasons: maneuverability, raises gardening to a higher level (less stooping and bending), and it yields more plants in less space, especially important for people living in apartments, condos, or houses with small yards, etc.
  • Natures Distributing Stacking Planter products are designed to produce cascades of flowers or greenery on all sides and can be hung or left freestanding. They were also designed with vertical gardening in mind.
  • The unique “Stackers” are sold in standard sets of three with a non-rusting, powder coated chain with built-in swivel for ease of rotation. Specialty sets of two to nine layers are available in packaged sets for growing herbs or strawberries.
  • Natures Distributing Stacking Planters products are available in three standard colors: terracotta,
    tuscany, stone and black.
  • Stacking Planters can be stacked up to ten layers high if freestanding and up to five pots per chain when hanging.
  • Self-Watering Stacking Planters use a new patented grid system that employs a center placed water reservoir to avoid mosquito breeding along with tubes that allow the soil to naturally wick the moisture up to the roots as your plants require it.
Garden Supply Stacking Planters Fact Sheet

Natures Distributing Stacking Planter Uses

  • All Self-Watering Planter products in the Natures Distributing line feature the newly patented extended grid which will channel the water that tries to escape out the sides of the pots into the water reservoir making these pots water efficient.
  • Natures Distributing Stacking Planters are the perfect products for indoor gardening, container gardening or indoor or outdoor floral displays.
  • They make exceptional centerpieces and displays. Stacking Planters are also perfect for growing a garden of leaf lettuce and miniature tomatoes, a herb garden, cacti or bulbs.