Commercial Growing Systems

Featuring the world’s first Self-Watering Stacking Planters to now flow from one layer to the next!

No System Too Large or Small
Each layer has its’ own built-in water reservoir to keep the moisture and nutrients where you want it….near the plants, not on the ground! You will save money on water and nutrients with Stacking Planters. Made from a food grade safe polypropylene with a strong UV stabilizer to ensure these planters will outlast and outperform Styrofoam planters for years.

Suitable Crops

Strawberries, Herbs, Tomatoes, Lettuce, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Squash, Cucumbers, Shallots, Collards, Spinach and so much more!
Our large growing surface produces larger crops of surface growing plants.

Small Business/Backyard Growing Plot

This system utilizes an automatic drip watering system, although hand watering will also work well. Rows are spaced 4’ apart and towers are spaced 3’ apart. Space required for this plot is 16’ x 14’ and will yield 300 plants.

  • A 6’ x 1/2” piece of steel conduit is driven 12” into the ground and a piece of (1 1/4” W x 8” L) PVC is placed over the conduit, onto the ground. The bottom pot will rest on the PVC and the tower can be easily rotated by hand.
  • Drip irrigation is brought down by overhead watering into a diffuser cup (3” w x 5” L PVC Pipe)

Automate Your System

Although there are many different alternatives to how you will set up your automatic watering system, this system, runs on a timer, mixes water with just the right amount of nutrients and channels the water out to the rows in the field outside. This customer chose to use a Dosetron metering system and chose black buckets for the water/nutrient tanks to deter fungi growth.

Choose The Correct Growing Medium

Self Watering Planters shown in field study showing growth rates utilizing different mixes of growing media….We found that a 50/50 blend of shredded organic coconut coir and perlite was a great base for hydroponic vertical farming. We also prefer to mix in some sort of compost and we chose earthworm castings as our compost of choice. The plants shown are four weeks from bare root planting in Florida, USA.

Why Grow With Vertical Gardens?

The Self Watering Reservoirs will save you on your watering and your nutrient costs. Watering is never more than once per day and can be up to several days in between, depending on size of plants, how often it has rained and outdoor temperatures, etc. The unique benefit of these patented planters is that your plants will enjoy all the benefits of having nutrients available to them for an extended period of time! Rainwater will be captured for later use.

Easy to Set Up Watering System

Simple T-Connectors allow rows to be easily connected and water is ran over the top of the rows and drain tubes take water and diffuse it into each stack. Shows drip tubing going into top planter. If more than four planters are in stack, it is also recommended to bring a fresh emitter to the five levels of planters. By bringing the nutrient solution freshly to the bottom half of your stack, you help maintain a more even balance of nutrients down your entire stack.

Can I Rotate My Planters?

After ½” conduit is inserted into the ground 12 –18”, another 9” piece of ¾” steel conduit is placed over 1/2 “conduit and a disc with a ½” opening and approx. 1 ¼” round washer is placed on top of the ¾” conduit. The bottom pot will rest on the washer and the stack can be easily rotated