Stacking Planters

Stackable Planters

Natures Distributing Stacking Planters are a new concept in plant pot technology.

Stacking Planters™ are specifically designed in such a manner that when stacked, they produce a column of multiple growing facets that may be suspended in a hanging position or just left freestanding.

Natures Distributing Stacking Planters allow the grower to create outstanding floral displays.

  • Grow a collection of your favorite herbs and enjoy them year round.
  • Imagine picking the fruit from a stand of strawberries almost three feet high.
  • Display a collection of your favorite cacti like you’ve never seen.
  • Enjoy the freshness of leaf lettuce and miniature tomatoes where you never thought you had the room before.
  • Admire the beauty of cascading ferns, wave petunias, and many more.
  • Grow bulbs like never before.
  • Perfect for silk arrangements.

How Nancy Jane's Self-Watering Planters Workv

Natures Distributing Stacking Planters™ have been around since 2000. Natures Distributing was the first to design the stacking planters and lead the forefront of the revolutionary vertical gardening with her pot designs.

Our planters are the only self watering planters that can be recognized “As Seen On TV” and have been sold on QVC as well as Home Shopping Network.

Natures Distributing Stacking Planters™ brand has evolved over the years, and much was invested into research and development to improve and expand the already popular self watering stacking planters.


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